The English Hub

Over 20 schools have subscribed to ETC's English Hub with over 30 members of staff attending previous night-school workshops.  Ensure your school and staff do not miss this opportunity to join an exciting hub that: provides professional learning on current issues in English teaching; values collaboration and critical reflection and puts you at the heart of your own development? Read more »

ETC Alliance Conference 2017

Creativity and Community Conference - comments from delegates... 'Inspired me to push our coaching culture further.' 'How research is driving school improvement ratified the research process/collaboration and learning to date and future change.' 'Lots of ideas for enquiry based learning.' 'Thought provoking – how to develop staff networks better.' 'Importance of research in school.' Read more »

Annual Conference

Seventh Annual ETC Alliance Conference - Creative Leadership of Teaching and Learning: Think Hard, Dip Deep, Learn More.  The conference will be split into half day and full day. Senior leaders attend the morning accompanied by an English practitioner who participates in the full day programme.  Senior leaders have the option to attend for a half day only which would include lunch. Morning session: join leaders and practitioners to open up new perspectives on how to sustain high quality professional learning.  Financial constraints and recruitment and retention are priorities for all leaders and Jane Creasy will facilitate conversations which draw on research evidence and generate ideas about high quality professional learning and career progression for all teachers. Pre conference reading Developing great subject teaching Afternoon session: English practitioners will work with Bob Cox, Opening Doors, to extend their vision for learning and explore ways to establish and develop teachers' learning habits.  Valuing and nurturing English provision is one of the top national priorities - SATs and GCSE scores are not enough. Priority is given to ETC Alliance partner schools as places are limited. Charges of £45 per delegate for Alliance partner schools and £55 per delegate for non-Alliance schools for half day conference including lunch apply.  £65 per delegate for Alliance partner schools and £75 per delegate for non-Alliance schools for full day conference.  English Hub subscription members delegate rate is £60 for a full day.  EARLY BIRD BOOKING DISCOUNT - 10% OFF FULL PRICE - BOOK BY 1 MAY 2018. Venue: Botley area Read more »

Let's Think in English

ETC Alliance working in collaboration with HTLC, English practitioners from various schools across the County and Wildern staff and students. Read more »

Future Change Makers

'Fabulous', 'opportunities for deeper thinking', 'excellent' - a few of the comments from Day One of the Future Change Makers' programme. Read more »