Solent Mind 'The Decider' Workshop

Solent Mind is aiming to introduce a new programme 'The Decider'. This is for small groups taking place over five or six consecutive weeks for secondary pupils with significant anxiety. Read more »

Getting to Grips with Guided Reading

Guided reading has long been a topic of much discussion. In recent times there has been a shift in schools believing that small group instruction should make way for larger, whole class learning. The carousel is fast becoming a thing of the past. Read more »

Teach Meet - Pedagogy

This teach meet with showcase the work of NQTs, RQTs and SLEs from across the ETC and LEARN Alliances. This is a cross phase event that will have a focus on pedagogy. It is suitable for teachers for all stages of their career. Read more »

Blended reading for mastery at primary

ETC Alliance is inviting you to join a professional learning group in collaboration with Leah Crawford, Director of Thinktalk consultancy, previously HIAS English Inspector. The Alliance offers a transformative professional learning context in which teachers can observe and reflect on live practice. For schools wishing to join the community (based on a minimum of 8 schools) the cost would be £250 per school. Further information can be obtained here and bookings can be made using the form below. Read more »

Let's Think in English KS2

The Let's Think in English programme, developed at King' s College London, is an approach to teaching that successfully develops the quality and depth of thinking in the classroom through talk. Read more »

Future Change Makers

Future Change Makers is appropriate for experienced senior leaders and colleagues aspiring to the next level of leadership, including headship. Designed by Professor John West Burnham in partnership with Carolyn Hughan (ETC Director) and experienced headteachers, Read more »

A2L - Aspiring to Leadership

This is a successful programme for classroom teachers wishing to take on a leadership role or for teachers in the early phase of leadership. This programme is unique to ETC Alliance and builds on several years' experience of delivering MLDP. Read more »

Genius Coaching

A one day workshop to extend your coaching skills and boost your success as a leader and teacher. Read more »