Mathematics Learning Hub

The ETC Mathematics Hub (Pilot Year)  – New for Autumn 2018.

Initially developed from a core of secondary and primary SLEs for mathematics and local leaders of mathematics, our Hub extends its remit across the full EYFS framework through to post GCSE. It is driven by a belief in the value of teaching for excellence and challenge through developing mathematics pedagogy across and between the Key Stages to achieve a connected approach to cognitive development and an increased capacity to reason logically, creatively and strategically.

Its purpose is to:

  • Empower individuals by developing their pedagogical and subject knowledge, skills and understanding through clever collaboration across the Key Stages.
  • Transform experiences in the classroom by reflecting on, responding to and evaluating national and political changes to mathematical education, its teaching, learning and assessment practices.
  • Connect theory and practice in driving current, responsive classroom practice rooted in robust research

Initially facilitating mathematical development through half termly, 1 hour twilights in response to local need, it seeks to:

  • Offer mentoring for new subject leaders.
  • School enquiry visits which would be matched to support individual needs.
  • Increase conceptual understanding within and across domains and phases so that where barriers and gaps appear, learning can be deconstructed and rebuilt with an appreciation of the journey.
  • Develop subject knowledge alongside the key concepts such that challenge, flexibility and the dizzy heights of Grade 9 can be realised.
  • Model pedagogical research based approaches such as: Cognitive load theory; Making learning stick; CPA models; Visible Learning theory; Flipped and Blended models and the mastery principles.
  • Disseminate the findings of national and local data reports eg: The Examiners Reports, so that their summaries and conclusions can be readily understood, managed and implemented with clarity and precision.
  • Share the expertise within the locality in order to celebrate and distribute excellent practice, for the benefit of all pupils and teachers.
  • Build a shared language for learning, thinking and questioning, with structures and models of representation that are succinct and unambiguous showing clear progression across the school.

Are you interested in increasing the professional capital of mathematics teaching, learning and assessment in your school, as an individual, as a department or as a Trust? If so, then … you know you are making the right decision by joining the ETC Mathematics Hub.

Only £75 to join per school for the pilot year!

Nightschools run from 4pm-5.15pm at Wildern School and Autumn term dates can be found here.  Extended session content will be sent out once schools have subscribed.

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