Maths Hub- Primary Place Value

The mastery of place value from early beginnings to KS2 challenge. How to underpin the concepts, think about nothing and cope with the pesky zero! “An understanding of place value, fluency in mental methods, recall of number facts such as multiplication tables and number bonds are considered to be essential precursors for learning traditional vertical algorithms.” Ofsted.

Come and experience strategies in securing: counting; a sense of 10; comparison of numbers; digit position value in any particular number; digit representation and place value enquiry to support assessment. Think about the impact of particular resourcing in your own classroom eg: Dots, Hungarian Numbers, Tens Frames, Gattegno, Roman Numerals etc and reflect on school progression frameworks for place value, conceptual stepping stones, suggested manipulatives and relevant representations.

Primary Hub colleagues only.

Monday 17th September 2018 4.00-5.30pm The Lyceum, Wildern School.

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