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Do you think about the balance between procedures, skills and concepts? Come and find out what mastery means at Grade 9.

The mystery of Grade 9.

Imagine that the proportion of students who have achieved at least the minimum number of marks required for a grade 7 in a particular subject is 19%. Take that 19% and divide it in half, which gives you 9.5%. Then add 7 to that figure, giving you 16.5%. Go back to the original percentage of students achieving grade 7 and above and work out 16.5% of that 19%, which is 3.135%. Identify the mark on the qualification level mark distribution that is closest to that figure, and that will be the grade 9 boundary. The grade 8 boundary will be set halfway between the grade boundary marks for 7 and 9!  Ofsted 2017.

Thursday 21 March 2019 4.00pm-5.15pm

Venue: Wildern School

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