Maths Hub – Theories of Learning – All key stages

Why do children forget and how can we help them to remember the important stuff? Discover the current theories of learning that enable conceptual growth.

Cognitive Load Theory – Working memory can only hold 4-5 bits of information at one time and lasts only around ten seconds. Long-term memory appears to have an unlimited capacity. Information in long-term memory (LTM) is stored in schemas, which are mental structures we use to organise and structure knowledge. Existing knowledge in LTM is brought into working memory to help us understand the world. The contents of long term memory are: “Sophisticated structures that permit us to perceive, think, and solve problems,” Sweller (1988).

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. Brown (2014)

Drawing on recent discoveries in cognitive psychology and other disciplines, this session offers concrete techniques for enabling students to become more productive learners.

Monday 8 July 2018 – 4.00pm-5.15pm

Venue: Wildern School

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