Maths Hub – Year 2 – 6

Have you wondered how and why the bar works and what the thinking was behind changes to its format?

Come and discover how the bar develops a conceptual understanding of mathematics such that children can identify a strategy to calculate.

Bar Modelling: Supporting visual and conceptual reasoning through drawing.

The DFE also reports that Singapore students are 1.6 in years’ progress ahead of English students in a PISA 2009 study (DFE, 2012, p.20). So what is the cause of this amazing turn around in the Singapore students’ performance in mathematics? Englard (2010) p.157 argues that it is down to the ‘Model Method’ or ‘Singapore Bar’. It is not a method for solving problems per se, but it reveals the mathematical structure underpinning the problem and enables children to gain an insight into how they can solve it.

Monday 11 March 2019 4.00pm-5.15pm

Venue: Wildern School

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